Visual storytelling has always had a major influence on Brody.

At an early age, he would hound his mother to take him to the library so he could check out mountains of fine art books and biographies on the artists. This, in tandem with his love for movies, made him stand out as the youngest of four siblings. Instead of following the path of the family business (automotive) he decided to study communication and head to New York.

After college graduation, he packed up and headed straight to NYC, where he got his start as an editor for Sesame Street’s digital programming during the interactive app and YouTube craze (ask him about Elmo’s ABC’s sometime). Since then, Brody has been directing, creative directing, and producing award-winning commercials and branded content for various agencies, clients, and media companies.

As an Indiana native, he was raised to highly value human relationships. The notion that everyone has a story to tell was a cornerstone in his upbringing and rings true in his work as a storyteller.

He currently resides in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.